A book cover too far

I’ve posted bad book covers, and lousy book covers, and the worst book covers, but I’ve finally seen a cover that’s too much for me to post here. To give you an idea why, let me quote from the description of this “laugh-till-you-cry health care handbook” on Amazon: “Enjoy Pap parties. Meet the Chlamydia Clown. Win a free kitten with your physical!”

If you want to get an eyeful, it’s here:

Pet Goats & Pap Smears.

But remember, it can’t be unseen.

(Thanks to Rich K for the link.)

12 responses to “A book cover too far

  1. Oh my goodness! How did you even come across it? I’m really not quite sure if I should laugh, or cry…

  2. Good god.

  3. Nope, not going to click 🙂 Brain-bleach free in 2013!

  4. And it’s all crowned (so to speak) by: “Foreword by Patch Adams.” Unsee! Unsee!!!

  5. Wow…I may never go to the doctor’s office in a rural community again…

  6. True story…my father used to raise goats; however, I’m reasonably certain he never gave one a pap smear.

  7. I’ll pass. I can do it. I know I can.

  8. That’s so baaa-d.
    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

  9. The weirdest thing is that it’s got NINETY-FIVE customer reviews!

  10. Hey it’s a real medical book. I can vouch for it. I’m the author. And the cover was NOT photoshopped. Goat in the office is a special goat-sized stethoscope. Videos of the scene: http://www.petgoatsandpapsmears.com/videos.php

    Pamela Wible, MD

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