The Dirty Secrets Club Italian edition

Piccoli Sporchi Segreti

It’s always a happy day at my house when books arrive. Here’s the Italian edition of The Dirty Secrets Club. It’s Piccoli Sporchi Segreti. Who can translate? Anybody? Okay, Google: Dirty Little Secrets.

The tagline underneath the title reads: “Nasconderli é facile. Svelarli é ungioco. Mortale.” Google tells me this means “Hide and easy. Reveal them and a game. Deadly.” I suspect that Google is not the most elegant of translators.

6 responses to “The Dirty Secrets Club Italian edition

  1. And I think I’ll just have Bruschetta for starters, please.

  2. I’m with you, DJ. My first thought was “That sounds delicious…”

  3. And my first thought was, Did my name get lost in translation?

    Yeah, I’m still all about me.

  4. Rather the way my former mother-in-law talked about me?

  5. Without really speaking Italian, I think it means ‘Hiding them is easy. Revealing them is a game. A mortal / deadly’

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