Jet lagged

A few weeks ago I watched a made-for-TV sci fi movie called Slugs. The Husband and I laughed at the premise and at the grisly demises of many characters who refused, until it was too late, to believe that their town was being overrun by carnivorous gastropods. But, considering that slugs move at the rate of one foot per hour and can be killed by ordinary table salt, the movie was fairly terrifying.

I mention this because, after flying from London to Washington DC to Austin to Utah to Washington and back to London, my brain has attained the approximate consistency and mental acuity of the movie’s title characters. So instead of doing something dangerous, such as operating heavy machinery or discussing politics, religion, or English Premier League Football, I’m going to sign off until I get a full night’s sleep.

In the meantime, tell me: What’s the oddest thing you’ve done in a sleep-deprived state? Or while actually asleep?

One response to “Jet lagged

  1. I painted fake (but technically accurate) crosswalk lines between mine and my neighbors driveways. We’re good friends and constantly walking across the street to each others’ homes. I did it during the late night hours before his 40th birthday. The neighborhood kids have taken to using it regularly.

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