Question time: ask me stuff

Usually once a year I open the blog to questions. And it’s that time again. Ask away. What do you want to know — about writing, books, publishing, my characters, life, research, the impending hamster flu apocalypse?

The floor is yours.

8 responses to “Question time: ask me stuff

  1. Someone has to ask: so when is the impending hamster flu apocalypse?

    Are there plans for a new Jo Beckett or Evan Delaney book, separate or combined?

  2. How do you get a cat to stop scratching the new carpet?

  3. Is there any chance Jo Beckett, Evan Delaney and Rory Mackenzie will go head to head to head on a dire Jeopardy challenge resulting in all three being taken hostage by an irate Ken Jennings who has become the puppet of Watson?

  4. What do you think of the royals, especially Camilla?

  5. What’s the best thriller/mystery that you’ve read?

  6. How do you decide which book series you will write each year? Or like last year new characters..and possible new series…

  7. I just started your Evan Delaney series and I just love her. Will you write another Delaney book? Or did you have a reason to stop with the 5th book?

    • Hi Anne — thanks for your comment. Because I’m doing another Question Time right now (January 2015), I’m going to move your question over to that thread and answer it later in the week.

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