The Action Film Alphabet

Here’s something cool for you: The Action Film Alphabet. It’s part of a series called the Friday Project, by British web designer Stephen Wildish.

How many movies can you identify?

Action Film Alphabet

12 responses to “The Action Film Alphabet

  1. A – Alive
    B – Bad Boys
    C – Con Air
    D – Die Hard
    E – The Expendables
    F – Face/Off
    G – Gone in 60 Seconds
    H – Hot Fuzz
    I – Independence Day
    J – Jack Reacher
    K – Kick Boxer
    L – Lethal Weapon
    M – Mission Impossible
    N – Nikita
    O – Ocean’s Eleven
    P – Point Break
    Q – Quantum of Solace
    R – Rush Hour
    S – Sherlock Holmes
    T – Top Gun
    U –
    W – Waterworld
    X – XXX
    Y – You Only Live Once
    Z – Zero Dark Thirty

  2. I got 19 off the top of my head. I could probably stare at it for a while and come up with a few more.

  3. Eldest Son: I think A might be Air Force One. (Which featured a 747.)

    And if J is Jack Reacher, I count three Tom Cruise movies to only one Harrison Ford. How’d that happen?

  4. Correction:
    A – Air Force One
    U – Under Siege
    V – Volcano

  5. I think V is The Vampire Lovers. 🙂

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