Question time: Hamsters, Jo, Evan

Dru writes:

Someone has to ask: so when is the impending hamster flu apocalypse?

I can’t pinpoint the time and date to the minute, but can say with some assurance: It will commence shortly after all their little wheels fall quiet. And you should fear the silence.

Are there plans for a new Jo Beckett or Evan Delaney book, separate or combined?

This is both the easiest and the toughest question I get asked. The short answer: Yes.

The longer answer: I have the next Evan Delaney and Jo Beckett books marinating in my imagination. The question is: when will there be a place for them in my publishing schedule? I now have to give one of my annual reminders that this blog is called lying for a living, because writers gotta eat. And my publishers in the US and UK are going to be publishing two more stand alone novels from me this year and next. That gets a big woo-hoo from me, because: food on the table! And I’m tremendously excited about writing these books. But it means that Evan and Jo will be staying in the bullpen a while longer.

That doesn’t mean they’re just sitting there doing nothing. An Evan short story should be published soon. And there’s other stuff going on in the background, which I hope I’ll be able to announce before long.

I hope that is vague enough to satisfy you.

4 responses to “Question time: Hamsters, Jo, Evan

  1. You. Are. A terrible tease.

    • I don’t mean to be. I know that doesn’t help, but it’s the honest truth. If I have reportable news, you’ll be the fourth or fifth to know.

  2. I know the time for questions has probably passed, but I’m asking anyway. Do you consider yourself a slow or fast writer? Are you glad you only have one book a year out or could you do more? With all this self-publishing stuff around, it scares me to think readers expect books more often (I’ve been guilty of feeling that way – especially before I wrote my first book). I wish I could write faster, though. Do you?

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