Question Time: Cats, Camilla, Categorical Favorites

Susan asks: “How do you get a cat to stop scratching the new carpet?”

You tear the carpet out.

emgee51 asks: “What do you think of the royals, especially Camilla?”

Living in the UK, I’ve come to understand that Britons like having a constitutional monarch as their head of state. This hasn’t stopped Britain from being a thoroughly modern country with a democratically elected parliament. And I have grown to appreciate The Queen’s great sense of duty to the nation. As an American, of course, I kind of prefer the “and to the Republic for which it stands” theory of government.

Camilla, from what I’ve seen, has adopted a low-key public role and hasn’t put a foot wrong.

And on that note I’ll end this discussion of my host country’s royal family, before I say something that’ll get me in trouble.

Dana Becker asks: “What’s the best thriller/mystery that you’ve read?”

Now this is a question that can get me in even bigger trouble than asking my opinion about the British royal family. I’m a thriller/mystery writer. I know hundreds of other thriller/mystery writers. I hang out with them. I like them. I like their books. I love many of their books. Why should I mess up a good thing by picking a favorite?

In other words, this question is impossible for me to answer. I love too many thrillers and mysteries to narrow them down to a single “best.”

That said, I can name a few that, when I was a baby writer, inspired me to try my hand at the genre. A is for Alibi, Sue Grafton. Get Shorty, Elmore Leonard. Stormy Weather, Carl Hiaasen. A Stained White Radiance, James Lee Burke.

That’s a taster menu. I hope it’ll satisfy you.

One response to “Question Time: Cats, Camilla, Categorical Favorites

  1. I misread the next-to-last sentence and was left wondering what a “taser menu” might be.

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