Sneak preview: The Shadow Tracer


Here’s a first look at the cover for the American edition of my upcoming novel The Shadow Tracer. It will be published on June 27th. And here’s a teaser description, from the publisher:

Can a person ever really disappear? And what happens when vanishing is no longer an option?

Sarah Keller is a single mother, living quietly in Oklahoma, where she supports herself as a skip tracer, an expert in tracking people who’ve gone on the lam to avoid arrest, prosecution, or debt — pinpointing their locations to bring them to justice. But when an accident reveals Sarah’s own terrible secret, she must go on the run to protect her daughter. Will she be able to stay one step ahead of trackers like herself?

Okay, I’m going to go stare at the cover for a while and tell it how sleek it looks.

11 responses to “Sneak preview: The Shadow Tracer

  1. Wonderful! And for once, Meg, my vacation is several weeks AFTER the release date of June 27th. I’ll take this book on the cruise and leave it in the library on the boat once I’m done with it. Steve and Laurie Jones, Auburn, GA

  2. This looks so good! We’re getting v excited at Penguin UK.

    Kirsty x (one half of @editorialgirls on twitter)

  3. I love it.

  4. Love the cover. You always have good covers.

  5. Love that red.

  6. Lovely! Can book tour be far behind? 🙂

  7. Love it Meg! Can’t wait for it to get here in Canada. The big question is… Will we get the American cover or the British cover? We have been known to get either one, depending on the publisher. It doesn’t matter really, I’m still stoked for it!

    ~ todd

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