Question Time: series characters, Jeopardy

Danielle asks:

How do you decide which book series you will write each year? Or like last year new characters… and possible new series…

Several factors go into deciding the book I’ll write. Starting with: What kind of an idea can I come up with? Any thriller needs a compelling protagonist and antagonist, and a big idea to hook the reader. And because I have a publishing contract, I need to be in agreement with my editor about what I’m going to write. The publisher puts their resources into the book, so they need to make sure it’s something they want to see published under their imprint. They want new ideas, and they want to make sure I don’t spend a year writing a story that’s almost identical to another book they’re about to bring out. They also pay me for my books. So when they say they really want another Jo Beckett book, or a stand alone thriller, I listen. Closely.

Rich asks:

Is there any chance Jo Beckett, Evan Delaney and Rory Mackenzie will go head to head to head on a dire Jeopardy challenge resulting in all three being taken hostage by an irate Ken Jennings who has become the puppet of Watson?

Hang on, Rich — I’m scribbling some notes here. Game show hostage drama. Evan, Jo, and Rory. And when Mr. Peebles gets loose in the air vents at the television studio…

Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me. I need to scrap what I’m writing and start work on a new project.

2 responses to “Question Time: series characters, Jeopardy

  1. Game show hostage dramas are SO the next big thing.

  2. You’re eminently qualified to write a game show hostage drama!

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