Adventures in teevee

I’ve just returned from an adventure. It involved a TV show. I would tell you more, except I signed a nondisclosure agreement — in blood — and if I breach it, SAS commandos will fast rope from a helicopter and throw German Shepherds at me. Or something. When I signed the agreement I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses.

Once the show is broadcast, I can spill the details. For the moment, I can tell you that the show should air this spring, that I was asked to take part because I’m a crime writer, and that I now need to clean broken glass from the bottom of my shoes.

8 responses to “Adventures in teevee

  1. Watch out, June Shannon. Meg O’Death is hitting the small screen!

  2. Hints? A UK- or a US-based show?

  3. Will you be playing some poker with some other famous crime writers?

  4. Will it eventually end up on YouTube so DJ (Paterson) and I can see it over here?

  5. It’s a UK network show. And I hope it’ll eventually get to the USA and New Zealand.

  6. Oh, pish posh. I could SO see you and Nathan Fillion on Castle…

  7. Bones! You wrote an episode for Bones! Tell me that’s it.

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