Saturday in Crazytown

First: It may be time to start pointing and laughing at the terrorists. Now al-Qaida Wants to Torch Your Car and Snarl Your Commute.

One suggestion, penned by “Ibnul Irhab” in the new issue of Inspire, is to run up on parked cars with gas cans and a matchstick. “How safe will the West feel when parking their cars, knowing they’re up for a TORCHING,” Irhab writes. His helpful tips: avoid CCTV cameras; hide the gas in an apple juice bottle; and, importantly, “don’t get petrol on yourself.” This is what Open Source Jihad bills as “America’s worst nightmare.”

“Don’t get petrol on yourself.” Let’s hope this indicates that al-Qaida is really down to the dregs.

Second: 28 socialist hairstyles meet North Korean approval.


“The list of 18 acceptable female hairstyles show North Korean women are given more choice in their coiffeur after they wed.” Oh, goody.

Finally: Because it wasn’t enough to video goats yelling like humans, here’s a remix of Taylor Swift’s new single, “Trouble,” with the screaming goats performing the chorus. You’re welcome.

2 responses to “Saturday in Crazytown

  1. Um, no thanks. I think I’ll just listen to Van Cliburn over again.

  2. I love goats. I had goats as pets and they were awesome kids.

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