Today in Weirdness

Here’s what’s going on out there on Planet Weird:

First: this was clearly a delivery mixup. The Elmo cake should have been sent to the penitentiary, along with the cherry pie containing a file.

“Knife In Walmart Cake: Cayden Bibeau, 2, Finds Weapon In His Elmo-Themed Birthday Cake.”

And I take issue with the headline. A paring knife is only a weapon when you’re fighting over possession of the potato peeler.

Second: Council bans apostrophes from all street signs to avoid “confusion.”

Mid-Devon Council declined to comment further and did not elaborate on who might be confused by the use of correct punctuation.

Grammar is scary.

Finally: The Gloucester Cheese Rolling competition has at last been captured on video.

Again, I take issue with the title of the video. Cheese rolling isn’t the world’s stupidest competition. Bog snorkelling season hasn’t even started.

3 responses to “Today in Weirdness

  1. Grammar is scary. Its intimating for tho’s who dont know ho’w to us puntiation or spel;

    And I agree with you, a paring knife is only a weapon in battle; otherwise, it’s an implement of veggie destruction only.

    Finally, bog snorkeling rules, but the cheese dash is hysterical!

  2. Ban on apostrophe’s? Mon dieu. Whatever next? Between you and I, Meg, I dispair of the English language.

  3. Not to quibble, but shouldn’t that be…between you and me?

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