Set phasers on stun, Luke

Today a friend asked: Which are the movies that feature Han Sulu?

I think I am permanently, maybe fatally, stunned.

However, I also think this is an excellent opportunity for some TV/movie mashups. Which movies would feature Han Sulu? I’m thinking: Bones. Other friends have suggested “The ones starring Captain Luke Skywalkirk” and “The Empire of the Sun Strikes Back.” And “The Wrath of Obi-Wan Khanobi.”

My son has also suggested a liquor mashup: Qui-Gon Gin.

Any other ideas?

2 responses to “Set phasers on stun, Luke

  1. Han Sulu and the Silver Skates. The Final Frontiersmen. The Undiscovered Country for Old Men. The Search for Dr. Spock.

  2. If I remember right, Han Sulu was related to Napoleon Sulu, and they teamed up in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Ben Kenobi…

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