Finally brought to book


Last night I ended up getting booked and having my mug shot taken at a reception for Penguin UK’s crime and thriller authors. Yes, you can see: my crimes have finally caught up with me.

You can also see: Though I was trying to look tough, as a grammar thug should, I failed miserably. There goes my street cred.

And you can also note: Penguin UK is going to be publishing my new books. Hurray! I am mightily pleased.

6 responses to “Finally brought to book

  1. Shouldn’t that have read Meg O’Death? And, you’re right, fail. Thuggy, you ain’t. Congrats on the Penguin UK deal! That’s awesome!

  2. This shalt not stand! Free The Scribbler 1. :>)

  3. susan (Tactical Commander, Grammar Geeks Unit)

    Grammar Thug, eh? This bears looking into. Are we to infer to skulk about at night with a Sharpie correcting blatant errors all over the city.

    When did this become a crime? We’ll defend you.

  4. Next time we meet up, I’ll give you some pointers on glowering.

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