Dummies, Beef-wits, and Giants on the Run

Today’s roundup of weird news stories:

First up, a piece of old-fashioned show biz Americana: The Endearing, Funny, and Disturbing Faces of Ventriloquist Dummies.

Warning: For “endearing,” read “lurid and haunting, guaranteed to worm their way into your unconscious and torment your nightmares.” Don’t look unless you’re prepared for your soul to be eaten by these portraits. Or maybe not. Could just be that ventriloquist dummies freak me out.

Second: 18 Obsolete words that should never have gone out of style. Including:

  • Snoutfair: A person with a handsome countenance
  • Pussyvan: A flurry, temper
  • Wonder-wench: A sweetheart
  • Beef-witted: Having an inactive brain, thought to be from eating too much beef

I want to be a wonder-wench.

And the crime headline of the day: Police Announce Manhunt for Giant Man and Face-Tattooed Woman; Find Them Almost Immediately.

Well done, coppers.

(PS: Thanks to Rich for the obsolete words link.)

2 responses to “Dummies, Beef-wits, and Giants on the Run

  1. Nice, made me laugh

  2. Oh nooooooo…. I had to look. What a dummy I am.

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