The Shadow Tracer: Publishers Weekly review

The first review of my upcoming novel The Shadow Tracer is from Publishers Weekly, and it says good things about the book:

Shadow“Edgar-winner Gardiner’s second stand-alone (after Ransom River) boasts another of the strong female characters she’s known for and enough pulse-pounding action to satisfy the most avid thriller fan… packed with surprises and harrowing escapes.”

That’ll make my day. Yes sirree.

7 responses to “The Shadow Tracer: Publishers Weekly review

  1. But, why do they have to write “strong female characters”? Why not just strong characters?

  2. Oooh. When might the rest of us be able to get one??

  3. It’s published in the U.S. on June 27th.

  4. Excellent! Congrats

  5. Halfway through and loving it so far… Moved from Germany to New Mexico in January so I take it as a sign that one of my favorite authors lets the middle part of her new novel take place in my new neighborhood 🙂

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