Where in the world?


Writing fiction means crafting scenes out of my imagination. But readers appreciate accuracy. They can spot writing that’s pallid, or vague, or that completely mis-describes a place or an activity. In other words: get it wrong, and they’ll catch me out.

So I make it up, but I try to make it right. And a dozen times a day, I’m glad to have photos I can draw upon to help bring a scene to life. I might use only one bit of it — the light, the geographical setting, the clothing people are wearing — but I’m always grateful when a vivid image helps me create vivid words on the page. An image such as the one above.

Anybody recognize the location?

3 responses to “Where in the world?

  1. I have no idea but is this where the final scene of Kill Chain took place?

  2. Rich: Same coast, different harbor.

    Leslie: Care to elaborate?

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