The Shadow Tracer: Booklist review

Booklist says some nice things about The Shadow Tracer, which make me intensely happy:

“As a skip tracer, single mother Sarah Keller tracks down slippery criminals who have gone on the lam. But Keller becomes a target of pursuit herself when, in a heart-stopping moment, Shadowshe saves her dying sister Beth’s baby girl, Zoe, from a doomed fate…. [F]ollowing the dramatic rescue, Sarah settles into a relatively tranquil life in Oklahoma City, minding her own business and doing her job. But when Zoe lands in the hospital after a bus accident, medical tests call into question Sarah’s rights as mother to the child. Soon she finds herself on the run…. Though she knows just about every trick for evading capture, Sarah only manages to stay one step and breath ahead of her enemies. Help comes in unlikely forms (a nun in New Mexico, for one), but Sarah lives in perpetual fear of being caught—or worse. Edgar Award–winner Gardiner (Ransom River, 2012) steadily ratchets up the suspense in this taut stand-alone tale.”

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