UK folks: I might be on TV tonight

Ben Earl

In February I spent a day filming an episode of a new prime time TV show featuring magician Ben Earl. The show, Trick Artist, premieres in the UK tonight. Here’s Channel 4’s blurb:

Ben Earl is a master of sleight of hand and deception – the ultimate trick artist.

Ben has spent the last few months in an old warehouse in London devising four special programmes based on themes that fuse deception and mind-blowing stunts.

This first show is all about crime. Ben invites a select group of people to join him as he attempts to catch a speeding bullet, goes to prison to perform astonishing sleight-of-hand tricks with ex-convicts, teaches an audience member how to pickpocket, and finds himself leaping from the top of a moving car…

I’m sworn to secrecy about what the show entails. In fact, until I watch it I won’t know for sure whether my segment made the final cut. But I can tell you the episode involved some crime writers getting tricked by the trick artist. And I had a blast.

Ben Earl: Trick Artist
Friday 26 April 9 p.m.
Channel 4

Update: The show kept the stunts but edited out the three crime writers who originally took part in one of the sequences. So viewers got to see a “stolen” car get crushed and dropped from a crane at an auto wrecking yard, but they didn’t get to see my reaction to it. C’est la vie.

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