Today my desk is a crime scene


Here’s what’s on my desk today: Advance Reader Copies of The Shadow Tracer U.S. edition, and the brochure for Penguin UK’s 2013 Crime and Thriller catalogue. It includes the British edition of the book. And it’s cunningly designed to double as crime scene tape. This is of course for publicity purposes, and not because crime and thriller authors would ever act out in any criminal manner. No way. Not ever. Now excuse me, but the police helicopter is circling above my house and I need to jump the back hedge.

4 responses to “Today my desk is a crime scene

  1. Fantastic – I love it.

  2. I’m not saying I condone sending dubiously acquired materials through international mail, I’m just saying it would be cool to have one of those…

  3. I was wondering just who these advance readers are. Can you tell us or are they in witness protection?

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