Upcoming events: Austin, Houston, New York City

My summer schedule of events for the launch of The Shadow Tracer is shaping up. Here’s what’s on my plate so far:


June 27th, 7 p.m.
Austin, Texas
Book People

June 28th, 6:30 p.m.
Houston, Texas
Murder by the Book

July 11-13
Grand Hyatt, New York City

I’d love to see any or all y’all at these events.

Book People is calling my event a book party. And when folks in Austin say party, they mean it. Plus Book People is becoming my local bookstore. I’m halfway to being an Austinite, and Book People is just around the corner from us. I can and do walk there, often. In January I was serendipitously in town the night Justice Sonia Sotomayor spoke there, and when I got to the bookstore the line was around the block. The atmosphere was like a rock concert. A rock concert where the crowd excitedly discussed U.S. Supreme Court cases. I thought: These are my people. Last month I told myself that if I wrote 10,000 words by the end of the week, I could go to Book People and buy the new T. Jefferson Parker novel. Which I did. Plus two others. I now realize that rewarding myself with trips to the store could bankrupt me, which is why I have flown to London.

And Murder by the Book in Houston is one of my favorite mystery bookstores. It has supported my novels for years, since back when the books had to be imported from Great Britain. Plus, once readers enter this store, they never want to leave. It’s the Hotel California of bookstores. I know. I barely escaped last time. I’d still be there if they hadn’t found the little fort I built out of Michael Connelly hardcovers in the corner of the stock room.

As for ThrillerFest: It’s in Midtown Manhattan. There’ll be 400 thriller authors there. What’s not to love?

One response to “Upcoming events: Austin, Houston, New York City

  1. Susan Rayner

    When is this coming out in the UK!!!!

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