Google Street View is an amazing tool for writers. If you want to get a sense of a faraway place you can’t visit, you can use Street View and feel as though you’re walking around the locale — whether that’s Tokyo, San Francisco, Rio, or the Australian outback.

Geoguessr is a game to warm a thriller writer’s — or geography geek’s — heart. It drops you at a random unnamed spot on the globe, and you have to guess where you are. Try it. I dare you to stop playing.


In the comments: I offer hints on how I’ve been playing the game.

10 responses to “Geoguessr

  1. I totally sucked with this. Pathetic.

  2. Absolutely.

  3. Well, zeroing in on the road sign in the first drop was pretty much a dead giveaway.

  4. Rich: When you play the game, I suggest you move along the road to see if you can spot landmarks, road signs, or businesses. The game clearly expects players to travel, because it has a button that says “Return to Start Location.” If you can head around the neighborhood, you’ll generally find information that provides clues to your location.

    And I’ve been opening a fresh browser window to enter information I gather. For example, if I spot an auto repair shop, I’ll enter its name into Google and see if a location shows up.

    And when you’ve pinpointed your location, zoom in to get as close as possible to the spot where the photo was snapped. That’ll give you extra points.

  5. I guess I am just no good at games. I have no idea where the y dropped me except for a foreign looking sign and a farm like building. Does Canada have an Amish population?

  6. My suckage didn’t have anything to do with the actual guessing. Of course I was looking for license plates on cars and I was looking at road signs and business names, mailboxes, anything that could give me a clue. The problem was, most of my time was spent staring at the sky, zoomed in on the pavement, or up close and personal with the side of a hill. I was trapped in my usual gaming hell.

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