Favorite TV Theme Songs?

Pop Culture Nerd has a great post listing her Favorite TV Theme Songs Ever. It includes Mission Impossible and M*A*S*H. Those are indeed great theme songs. Here are some of mine.

1. The Sopranos
2. Hawaii 5-0
3. Mission Impossible
4. Star Trek
5. True Blood (I’ve only rarely seen the show, but “Do Bad Things to You” is awesome.)
6. Game of Thrones
7. Jonny Quest
8. I Love Lucy
9. NCIS (Because whenever the show came on, the kids used to pick up the cat and make him bob his head like a dancer mesmerized by trance music. Then they’d leave the room and say, “I can’t believe you spend your Friday nights watching that show.”)
10. Wide World of Sports (Because I spent my childhood Saturdays listening to Jim McKay intone, “The agony of defeat.”)

How about everybody else?

11 responses to “Favorite TV Theme Songs?

  1. The Wire stands out, and The X-Files, and Doctor Who.

  2. Star Trek, of course. And ageing me somewhat, but I used to enjoy Hill Street Blues, Starsky and Hutch, Magnum, p.i. and The Rockford Files.

  3. Cheers, MASH, Man from UNCLE, All in the Family (especially Edith’s screeching like a plucked chicken), Monk

  4. Ah man, somebody beat me to the Rockford Files…my wife and I sing along to The Big Bang Theory 🙂

  5. And how could I forget Peter Gunn.

  6. Kate and Allie theme.
    Gilmore Girls theme. (Even if it did predate the show by a million years.)

  7. Definitely Hawaii Five-O. I loved playing that in the band!

    Go Chargers!!!

  8. The Prisoner was always a favorite along with Hawaii 5-0, Cheers and MASH. Which leads me to today’s segue, I will be seeing Loretta Swit tomorrow afternoon at a dinner theater.

  9. Justified has an awesome theme song by Gangstagrass and T.O.N.E-z – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT2i2UylxJ0

  10. Peter Gunn is a great theme song.

  11. SWAT is pretty cool.

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