The Big Thrill interview, plus talkin’ ’bout destruction

At The Big Thrill, the online magazine of the International Thriller Writers, I’m doing some talking this week.

First, Austin Camacho interviews me about The Shadow Tracer:

Sarah Keller is a fascinating character, both a hunter and a guardian…. To create this woman who is half shepherd (watching over Zoe) and half wolf (running down rogues) required some serious research.

As Gardiner explained, “I read books by former skip tracers. I realized how hard it actually is to vanish when I ordered a book online, and Amazon immediately asked: ‘Share that you purchased HOW TO DISAPPEAR with all your social networks?’ Going dark in today’s hyper-connected world takes smarts, luck, and incredible discipline.”

Much of the fun of this book is watching Sarah use the techniques Gardiner learned to stay ahead of her pursuers.  And to keep it interesting, the author has Sarah wanted by a pretty scary variety of organizations.

The rest of the interview is at the link.

Also this week, I’m taking part in a roundtable discussion with ten other writers. The topic: “Are there any stakes higher than the threat of the world’s destruction?”

Which is always fun to talk about.

3 responses to “The Big Thrill interview, plus talkin’ ’bout destruction

  1. I love the end of the world discussion. Some of my favorite books fall into that category.

    • I love ’em too. What are some of your favorites?

      • Oh let’s see… Jane Jensen’s Judgment Day (brilliant concept to this one), James Rollins’s The Devil Colony, Arthur C. Clarke’s Sunstorm, Douglas Preston’s Impact (wouldn’t actually call this one a “favorite” but it did have a pretty exciting premise).

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