Reasons I love being a thriller writer

1. I can listen to the Inception soundtrack while I work, with the volume as loud as I want.

2. I can watch Explosions Gone Wrong and call it research. And while watching Explosions Gone Wrong, I can learn new vocabulary. Did you know that a bleve (pronounced “blevy”) is a boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion caused by the rupture of a vessel containing a pressurized liquid above its boiling point? Now you do. Also, if you hear that a gasoline tanker is on fire at a propane storage depot, turn around and head in the opposite direction.

3. That mother who belittled at my kindergartner on the playground? The one who yelled at my son because he told her kid to stop knocking him off the swings? Yeah, she ends up as a villain in a novel.

7 responses to “Reasons I love being a thriller writer

  1. I should loan you a t-shirt that Woody gave me: Careful, or you’ll end up as a character in my novel! Thanks for the vocabulary increaser! I shall endeavor to use bleve within the next three days!

  2. Hello,

    Just looking around the WordPress world and found you. Hope you don’t mind if I become a follower, and learn from your experiences. Love this post, and you are exactly right, it is fun to make a villain out of real life villains.

    • Howdy – glad you stopped by. I might need to write more about building villains. It’s fun, but can be challenging. And you don’t ever want it to become libelous.

  3. I particularly like number 3. But number 2. involving propane explosion is interesting, and comes under the “things I wish I knew before my eyebrows got singed.”

  4. Revenge by villainizing? Nice. But what about making them victims? Or do you reserve that honour for your friends, blogworld fans and contest winners?

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