How I know I’m in Britain

Signs that I’m in the UK:

1. The headlines read: “New traffic fines to be issued for ‘middle-lane hogging’ and ‘inconsiderate motoring.'”

2. There’s excitement over a big national competition: the shed-building contest. “Sheddies” are building extravagant garden sheds that look like pirate ships, tree houses, palaces… who will win?

3. The traffic alert signs on the motorway warn: “A303 at Stonehenge June 20-21 expect delays.”

I’m about to board a flight to the USA. I won’t get to dance around the heel stone at dawn on the Summer Solstice. Rats.

One response to “How I know I’m in Britain

  1. Yes, I saw those Stonehenge signs and realised it refers to the Summer Solstice – longest day of the year and much beloved by Druids.

    And you know that you are in the UK when the English Heritage website says: “We hope the weather will be kind and wish you a peaceful and celebratory solstice.”

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