The Shadow Tracer: on sale today


As you might have guessed from the new images around the blog, it’s Shadow Tracer time. The American edition of my new thriller is published today.

First, I want to thank the team at my publisher, Dutton, for helping make the novel the best it could be: Brian Tart, Ben Sevier, Jessica Renheim, and Jamie McDonald. I’m grateful. Second, I want to thank the great booksellers who put my novel on the shelves and hand sell it to readers. I especially want to thank the bookstores who are hosting me this week and next: Book People in Austin, Murder by the Book in Houston, and Barnes & Noble in Oklahoma City. It takes work to promote an author talk, and set up chairs, and stay late to make sure everything runs smoothly. I appreciate it.

Finally, I want to thank everybody who reads my novels. You are making my dream come true.

I’d tell you that this book is going to blow your socks off, but I tell you that every week about Junior Mints and Double Chocolate Milanos and Brad Pitt. You’re probably tired of hearing it from me. Instead, I’ll let the kind folks at Book People make the case:

SHADOW TRACER: The Summer Action You’ve Been Waiting For.

Gardiner gives us one of her most fascinating heroines in Sarah Keller. In the first chapter, we see her working as a skip tracer in Oklahoma City. We get a a lot of cool details about the approach and philosophy of the job as she grabs someone in hiding. We also soon learn that Sarah is a fugitive herself.

… The pace and action are brilliantly executed with great set pieces, like the final confrontation at an airline graveyard. Gardiner also knows how to weave in humor so you don’t feel pummeled by a story that is so relentless. This could be the only edge of your seat thriller that has an Animal House reference.

This is Meg Gardiner at the top of her game.

There’s also an interview with me at Book People’s Mystery People blog.

MYSTERYPEOPLE: How did the idea for The Shadow Tracer come about?

MEG GARDINER: I’m a lawyer who cares about civil liberties, and a mom whose kids’ social lives thrive online. I started thinking about privacy, and how technology enables corporations and governments to keep tabs on us. Also, I had signed up for the UK’s IRIS recognition system, which allows you to skip the passport line at Heathrow airport. My husband was horrified. “You did what? MI5 is probably watching you through the TV right now.” I laughed. Then I read about the vast facility the NSA is building in Utah to store their bajillion-terabytes of information. And I wondered: in today’s hyper-connected world, how do you keep yourself from becoming a fly under glass?

So I thought: What if you needed, absolutely, to run and hide? Could you do it? What if you needed to run… with a little kid? What if the people chasing you had money, resources, and determination? What if they were criminals, and the FBI? From there, the story of Sarah Keller going on the run to protect her daughter Zoe came to life.

I say all this patriotically, in the name of PRISM!

No, don’t write that down.

Now I have to remind everybody that the name of this blog is lying for a living. Scribbling is how I put food on my table. So if you’re inclined, read the novel. It’s in libraries across the country and available to buy via, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Powell’s, and your local independent bookstore.

And tonight I’ll be speaking at Book People. 6th and Lamar, Austin, Texas. 7 p.m.

Hope to see some of you there.

4 responses to “The Shadow Tracer: on sale today

  1. That is awesome. I cannot understand what a thrill it is to see your book on the shelves. Good for you.

    One day I hope to join the club.

  2. Was so excited last night to get my reserved iPad Kindle version of The Shadow Tracer from Amazon! Excuse me, have to run. Am on Ch. 22 and MUST SEE what happens to Sarah and Zoe. First-rate suspense discovering the havoc wreaked by the deliciously creepy meth and religion-crazed Fiery Branch polygamist sect. Only in America.
    My favorite lines so far:
    1) “Like most twenty-first century Americans, she suckled at the cyber-teat and couldn’t wean herself from social media.”
    2) “At a dress salon, she’d [Kayla Pryce had] gone after a seamstress with a pair of scissors for remarking that her new gown needed to be let out in the ass.”
    3) “She would cross the threshold at Chuck E. Cheese when the rivers ran with blood and frogs rained from the sky.” (Reminds me of a similar oath I swore once I had children.)
    Great fun, Meg!

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