The Shadow Tracer: Shelf Awareness & KAZI FM Austin


It’s endless skies and prairie highways and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and here I am in Texas, at a Love’s Travel Stop like the one in The Shadow Tracer where heroine Sarah Keller…

But I’ve said too much. You’ll have to read the book. Because that’s just the way I am.

In the meantime, Shelf Awareness has given the novel a starred review, which nearly made me run through that travel stop flinging Peanut M&Ms like confetti:

Readers will go on the run with Sarah, too, because the story hits the ground at 60 mph and keeps revving from there. Sarah is a believable combination of everywoman and someone who uses her skip-tracing skills to keep Zoe and herself off the grid. There’s a delicious hint of sexual tension between her and Marshal Lawless (yes, Lawless), whom she alternately needs and hates.

The action scenes are fun, especially one involving a baby in the back of a pickup truck; one can almost imagine Gardiner laughing with glee while writing it. The denouement in an airplane junkyard is highly suspenseful and cinematic, too. But none of this would matter if not for the characters, equally vivid whether they’re bad or good or somewhere in between. Combined with the blistering pace, The Shadow Tracer is a thriller that fans should not skip.

Reviewer Elyse Dinh-McCrillis  calls it “a relentlessly paced thriller with vivid characters and action scenes.”

I’ll take that. Oh yes, I will.

And tomorrow, Sunday June 30, I will be on KAZI 88.7 FM Austin. I’ll be talking to Hopeton Hay about the novel. Tune in at 12:30 p.m. or listen online.

2 responses to “The Shadow Tracer: Shelf Awareness & KAZI FM Austin

  1. Meg, I’m deep into the book this weekend and love/hate that I am flying through it! I didn’t think it was possible that “The Shadow Tracer” could be even better than your previous 10 books… but I do believe I already have a new favorite. THANKS!

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