Five things I’ve heard in the last week

Here are some odds and ends I’ve heard from people at book signings, or have read in emails. Some are odder than others.

1. “You’re from California? Do you know Starsky and Hutch?”

2. “Your novel Chain Mill made me depressed. Please repair the relationship between the characters. Thank you for attending to this matter.”

(For the record, I’ve written a novel titled Kill Chain, but nothing called Chain Mill.)

3. “I’ve been buying your books at the used bookstore. But I loved that one… what was it called? The Neighbor? So I thought I’d buy a new book for once.” When I told this gal that I wasn’t Lisa Gardner, her face blanched. She glanced at my pen, which was hovering above the copy of The Shadow Tracer I was about to inscribe to her. Then she clearly decided it would be too embarrassing to grab the book back and get a refund. She told me to go ahead and sign it, but she didn’t look happy.

(I’m not the only author this happens to, of course. Lee Child told me that he once got halfway through a radio interview, only to realize that the host thought he was Lincoln Child.)

4. Radio host: “Sorry I keep calling you ‘Miss Meg,’ but I have no idea how to pronounce your last name.”

5. “If you lived in England, how come you don’t have a funny accent?”

I don’t know how to answer that one. In England, everybody thinks I do.

3 responses to “Five things I’ve heard in the last week

  1. That is funny. Do you take these mistakes well?

    I bet you can have a lot of fun messing with people.

  2. Save these. It would be a great section in an Evan Delaney novel for when she has another book signing. Loved the quotes. And poor Lee Child. I’m chuckling and sobbing at the same time.

  3. For the record, I loved “Chain Mill” but my favorite was “China Lagoon”

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