At which point I disinherit my daughter

GardinerKids 2

Today I am in Santa Barbara. This means:

1. I can catch up on some research for a new novel.

2. Yesterday I challenged myself to finish the rough draft of said novel before I arrived in Santa Barbara. This meant writing 2,100 words on my flights to California. Which, if I may brag on myself, I did. I have no idea if the words I wrote are spelled correctly or make any sense, but I wrote them, and the last two were “The End.” So: gold star for Meggie!

3. I now have to read the craptastic rough draft and fix it. I have set aside clothing to rend as I go through the draft. Please disregard any screams.

4. My mom has remarked that my blogging has fallen off in the last couple of weeks, ahem. I get the hint. What with the launch of The Shadow Tracer and the driving to Houston and Oklahoma City and the flying to New York for Thrillerfest and the incident with running barefoot through the Federal Building waving my shoes and begging for directions to the FBI, I managed to slack off on the blogging. This post is meant to rectify that.

5. As part of my blog-rectification plan, I thought I’d post charming photos from my childhood. But as I browsed through family albums, the photo above caught my daughter’s attention. She said: “Is that a Halloween photo?” Then a more horrific possibility occurred to her. “Or was that actual everyday clothing in the ’70s?”

(Photo of me with my sisters and brother, taken by my mom, who thinks it’s adorable. For the record, I loved that red and gold ensemble.)

5 responses to “At which point I disinherit my daughter

  1. Did you also pretend like you were on a musical TV show special and sing on an imaginary microphone to yourself in the mirror while wearing that out fit? Or was that just something I did?

  2. I think I see further proof as to how damaging The Partridge Family was on an entire generation. :>)

  3. I think you all look absolutely adorable, and are indeed snappy dressers.

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  5. Does that outfit just happen to be polyester?

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