The Shadow Tracer: Interview with Lori Roy. Plus, Bookgasm!

Shadow   Unknown

Amazon has posted interviews that fellow Edgar winner Lori Roy and I conducted with each other. Lori quizzed me about The Shadow Tracer. I asked her about her award-winning debut Bent Road and her new novel, Until She Comes Home.

Dueling authors!

Read about our cage fight at the Edgars banquet, and how we stole a New York taxicab and terrorized Times Square. Okay, fine. Read about how we wrote our novels, and why skip tracing and murders in 1958 Detroit turned into the books you can now read.

To read the interviews, click the links and scroll down a bit. We’ll be there.

Lori Roy interviews Meg Gardiner about The Shadow Tracer

Meg Gardiner interviews Lori Roy

In other news, Bookgasm has published a nice review of The Shadow Tracer.

Meg Gardiner’s latest novel is another stand-alone title. Here, however, the suspense is ratcheted up several knots, thereby making THE SHADOW TRACER undoubtedly her most relentless thriller to date… Gardiner has gone well past the “new talent to watch” phase to be regarded with confidence as one of the finest thriller writers working today.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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