My true past comes to light

A few days ago I posted a photo from my lost childhood in the ’70s. Rich K commented: “I think I see further proof as to how damaging The Partridge Family was on an entire generation.”

I have to agree. Here’s the ultimate evidence.


Despite the clothes and the pose, The Gardiner Kids never cut an album.

6 responses to “My true past comes to light

  1. I am digging those pants and suspenders. lol!

  2. Speechless yet again….

  3. Unusual fashions are a birthright for every generation. Not surprisingly, I doubt there is anyone not giggling at their styles from their youth. I know I do. I’m wondering what kids today will think in thirty years when they look back at photos of themselves wearing pants around their knees. Hopefully, as mortified as I was when I think back on styles from the 60’s.

  4. Omg, WHERE did you and Sue get the matching pants and whose idea was this?

  5. I was wondering, looking back now, do you think the Partridge Family lead you into a life of mime? :>)

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