51 North, 0 West

I am in a green and pleasant land. I know this because I look around and notice:

— Bottles of Pimm’s stacked 6 feet high in the supermarket.

— A TV game show in Welsh.

— When I open the trunk — er, the boot — of the car, I spot a copy of… “Is that the Sun? THE SUN?”

My son says: “Hey, it’s a forty P newspaper. And look at the headline — Simon Cowell got a bird pregnant. The wife of one of his mates. Where else are we going to learn this stuff?”

— I turn on BBC Radio 4, the highbrow spoken-word channel that features culture, philosophy, political analysis, and book reviews. Immediately I hear: “I think I’ll stick with the sow.”

Yes, it’s The Archers, a “contemporary drama in a rural setting.” In other words:  the Beeb’s radio soap opera about farmers.

Hello, Britain.

5 responses to “51 North, 0 West

  1. And FYI, I just finished The Shadow Tracer. Excellent book!

  2. Thanks for taking me back……

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