The Shadow Tracer: Providence Journal, Florida Times-Union

‘Scuse me, but I gotta holler. The Providence Journal says some awfully nice things about The Shadow Tracer:


“Meg Gardiner is always good, but she’s never been better than in the beautifully executed ‘The Shadow Tracer’ (Dutton, $26.95, 368 pages). Turnaround, as they say, is fair play, a lesson for Sarah Keller, a ‘skip tracer’ specializing in finding people who don’t want to be found. Imagine Sarah’s shock when her daughter’s trip to the emergency room, reveals the secrets of her own hidden past she must now confront as the hunter becomes the hunted.

With her latest, Gardiner firmly plants herself in the hallowed suburban nightmarish grounds of Lisa Gardner and Harlan Coben. ‘The Shadow Tracer’ is a stunning achievement in storytelling, as riveting as it is relentless.”

And the Florida Times-Union says:

“Meg Gardiner’s latest novel carries on a long tradition of runaway pacing, high-wire tension and near non-stop action established in her previous 10 novels.”

It also notes: “The larger question explored is how connected technology has made us to electronic surveillance, the digital economy and even our willing divulgence of private information on social networking sites. The reader will recognize that we have willingly surrendered our right to privacy in the modern world and will probably never get it back.”


Now I’m going to run in circles in the back yard, and maybe do a herky jump or two. Avert your eyes.

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