Poll: What scares you?

I want to take a quick snapshot of public opinion. What scares you?

  1. Clowns
  2. The big velociraptor
  3. The cornfield — you can hear something inside it, rustling
  4. The fuzzy layer of green mold that surprises you when you open that old jar of peanut butter
  5. The porcelain dolls that crowd the shelves at Grandma’s — you’re sure they change places while you sleep, and that they’re watching you
  6. The realization, as your plane lifts off the runway, that you left the front door wide open
  7. The Golden Gate Bridge — come on, don’t you know what would happen if a 9.0 earthquake struck while you were driving across it?

Let me know.

9 responses to “Poll: What scares you?

  1. I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge several times per month, and not once have I considered an earthquake striking while on it. The views are too breathtaking for such thoughts.

    Until now.



  2. That moment when you’re sitting in the living room with your visiting parents, and you lean back in your chair glance up at the ceiling — and you see that your ceiling has suffered water damage from the upstairs toilet or bathtub! Did they notice? What must the think that I haven’t taken care of it? (It happened to me and I was stressed the rest of their stay)!
    For me, all bridges scare me. I always “know” that it would collapse and we’d fall in the water or traffic below!
    And when you’re on a roll writing your post, then you press “save draft” and the next scree you get is a page that says “oops” in large bold text!
    Heehee. šŸ™‚

  3. 1. Creepy pedophile type clowns are scary.
    2. Dinosaurs don’t bother me. They were too dumb to get on the Ark. But a Great White Shark freaks me out.
    3. The rustling in the cornfield is popcorn. But I don’t like walking through tall grass.
    4. I have two kids, peanut butter doesn’t last that long. I have eaten worms, ants and crickets. But my wife has trained me to wash my hands, so I guess I am scared of the things I cant see.
    5. You can turn the dolls around at Grandma’s. But her feet are something that terrifies me.
    6. I am more worried that the pilot left the front door of the airplane open.
    7. Don’t worry about falling off a bridge. It isn’t the fall that kills you. It is the sudden stop at the end.

  4. Thanks for sharing your anxieties. Glad I could tease them out.

  5. While my daughter would scream “Number 1!” (thanks to Stephen King’s “It”) I have to say #5, the porcelain dolls. Those things ALWAYS creeped me out and when I see them in a movie, I get chills. The bad kind!

  6. You’ve made me realise what a twitchy old bat I’m turning into – but here goes.
    – Harlequins, clowns and masks (particularly the ones I think of as Venetian)
    – Dentists
    – Sickness of loved ones
    – People who genuinely believe that their jobs define them
    – People in numbers. This is an acquired thing, I was quite happy in the city until I’d lived out of it for a few years.
    Sure I could summon up a few more but don’t want to dwell on nasties. So perhaps the last one should be facing up to my fears.

  7. I’m with TKMorin. Any water in the house in a place where it shouldn’t be. Or evidence that water has recently been there. Whether it’s the so-called overflow drain on the tub (it’s supposed to flow into the main part of the drain, not the kitchen counter on the floor below) or the carpet in the quilting room, or the ominous high water mark around the floor drain in the laundry room or Martha the Cat, they all mean something’s going horribly terribly wrong. (Though what my Mom would think of it is the least of my worries.)

  8. Oh, water in my quilting room would send me into a panic attack of epic proportions. Did I spell that right?

    People I care about dying.
    Enclosed spaces. I get claustrophobia.

  9. Since reading Under the Empyrean Sky by Chuck Wendig last week, cornfields are definitely on my list. Clowns are indeed creepy. No fear of Golden Gate Bridge since I am unlikely to ever go there. Added to that, illness of loved ones, bad guys chasing me (most common nightmare) and upstairs outside doors on old houses, the kind that open onto nothing but a 10 foot drop. Also heights outside in general.

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