Events: What’s coming up this autumn


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Over the next few months I’ll be taking part in a number of writers’ conferences, book festivals, and creative writing workshops. Here’s what’s cooking.

Thriller School
September 6-7, 2013
Pierpont Inn, Ventura, California
I’ll be a guest speaker at this writing conference on Saturday, September 7.

Creative Writing Course
“Writing Crime Fiction.”
I’ll be teaching a week-long writing course on creating compelling heroes and charismatic villains, putting them in tense conflict and hooking readers with suspenseful plots. At a villa in Tuscany. Join me.
October 5-12 2013
Watermill at Posara
Posara, Fivizzano ITALY

Guildford Book Festival
Night of Crime
Sunday, October 20th
8:30 p.m.
Electric Theatre, Guildford, Surrey

New England Crime Bake
November 8-10, 2013
I’m this year’s Guest of Honor!

4 responses to “Events: What’s coming up this autumn

  1. Well, crap! I had hoped to meet with you when I was in Austin, Oct 18-20, but now it looks like you’re in England. Figures! And while I’d LOVE to join you in Italy, it ain’t in the budget this year! Haha!

    I do have a question regarding all your appearances. Do they come to you, or do you go to them? I know with the Romantic Times Convention and RWA Nationals, authors request to have workshops (whether anyone gets approached, I have no clue). I think even at Dragon*Con, you have to go to them (I don’t think they turn anyone down, either). Probably because these places don’t pay the speakers. They figure you’ll make your money selling books or getting autographs. At least, that’s what I’ve heard–have I heard wrong?

    • Sorry that I’ll miss you when you come to Austin. Next time!

      Regarding appearances, the answer is: some come to me, some I go after.

      In the case of conventions (Bouchercon, RT, ThrillerFest), generally the organizers invite a handful of authors each year as featured guests. Everybody else signs up the ordinary way, by registering for the con and paying the regular fee. In that case, if you’re a published writer you pay like an ordinary punter but you let the organizers know, and request a spot on a panel.

      Writers’ conferences often work the same way. A few writers are invited as featured guests, and everybody else signs up on their own. And like conventions, anybody can sign up, and if you’re published, once you do you can get on a panel.

      Book Festivals usually work differently. They’re frequently sponsored by arts organizations or cities. They invite particular writers to speak. (Or they wait to be lobbied by publishers about which authors they should invite.) Often they pay travel and accommodation, and sometimes a speakers’ fee. But you have to be invited to speak.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Any more book tour plans for “Shadow Tracer”?

    • There are no official “tour” plans at this point. But in the autumn I’ll do promotional events when the book is published in the UK. Which means I’ll probably do them in the UK.

      Sorry, Chicago!

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