Another day in the air

I’m making another transatlantic trek today. Before I board my flight, here are a couple of vignettes from Heathrow Terminal 4.

(1) Strolling into the Burberry store, I practice my oh-so-cool face and ask the sales assistant how much that little raincoat costs. “£1050,” he says. I yawn. And run away.

(2) Next door at Pret a Manger, I ask for a cup of water with my order. “No,” says the clerk, trying to block my view of the faucet with her body. “You can get tap water at the drinking fountain by the toilets.”

Now I feel like jumping on the counter and shouting, “Power to the people!”

But I’d better get on the plane. Dear Husband: See you in Austin in about 15 hours.

3 responses to “Another day in the air

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a legal requirement in the UK that any place that serves food or drink must, on request, serve tapwater for free. The Pret lady was not merely being a jerk, but a law-breaking one too.

  2. At least she told you the price of the raincoat. Oprah was just told the purse was too expensive for her.

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