Culture shock in Texas


Friends from London visited Austin this weekend. The moment they stepped off the plane they began documenting their expedition to central Texas — photographing the giant painted guitars at the airport and the tiny Stetsons for sale to toddlers. The sights on the way into town surprised them.

“That’s the fourth piñata store we’ve passed,” they said.

Then they gasped. They had spotted one of the marvels of the North American continent. In awed tones they said, “IHOP.”

Above you see their reaction when their breakfast arrived.

But culture shock works both ways. Yesterday a local greeted them warmly, asking, “You’re from England?”

Yes, they said.

The Texan said: “I’ve really gotten into Game of Thrones. It’s fascinating to learn about your culture.”

5 responses to “Culture shock in Texas

  1. Hee hee. I love this picture. It really tells a story. And clearly they’re having a great time.

  2. Haha, that’s funny.

  3. What’s the dish which looks like apple pie drenched with cream?

  4. Or should it be: drenched IN cream?

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