Where in the world?

Name that place. Hint: It’s a spot I’ve been meaning to put in my novels for years.


UPDATE: I supply the answer in the comments.

10 responses to “Where in the world?

  1. I recognize the street sign. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm… 🙂

  2. I know, I know. It’s a place that has fabulous steaks and incredibly strong drinks!

  3. I am tempted to say San Antonio, but I don’t remember an State Street there. Corpus, no. Houston, maybe?

    I give up.

  4. I looked it up. I was way off, but I have never been to that town so I am not too upset. Looks like a great place in the world.

  5. State Street, eh….. Oh, I’ve got it. It’s in the United States.

    (I like that the apostrophe is correctly used.)

  6. Is it at the corner of State and Irony?

  7. It’s the site of the first scene I ever wrote about Evan Delaney and Jesse Blackburn, in a novel that was never published. So, yes!

    It’s also the site of one of my first dates with the Husband.

    Ann is right about the menu.

  8. Of course, it was easy to Google, but that’s cheating, right?

    Meanwhile, I just keep hearing the line from “Chicago” (the song).
    “On State Street, that great street…they do things they don’t do on Broadway….”

  9. Susan, I set no rules for how to find the location. People who grew up in the same town I did had a headstart, so Googling is completely fair.

    And yes, the most famous State Street is in Chicago. I’d never heard of it until I reached my teens.

  10. And the answer is: Joe’s Cafe in downtown Santa Barbara, California.

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