Today at Dear Reader: I explain kick the can

Today at Dear Reader, I’m filling in for regular editor Suzanne Beecher, and writing the daily letter to readers. Here’s a peek:

When I was a kid, we played kick the can. Our quiet street made a great neighborhood playground. My sisters and brother and I were allowed to stay outside until the streetlights came on.

Kick the can is hide and seek with the stakes raised–if a player races from hiding and punts the can, everybody who’s been caught goes free. The game is as close as many of us get in real life to the pulse-pounding excitement we love in thrillers: chase scenes, jailbreaks, rescues. Maybe that’s why, when my siblings and I grew up, we didn’t just teach our kids to play. Whenever we went home to Santa Barbara, we joined the game.

Read the rest if you want to know how, one chilly Thanksgiving night, things went awry for me.

Bonus: I’m giving away three copies of The Shadow Tracer through Dear Reader. Skip on over there to enter the giveaway.

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