Quiz: Famous last lines

Have a quiz for some Sunday fun. From the Oxford Dictionaries site:

Book Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Last Lines?

“Take up the bodies. Such a sight as this / Becomes the field but here shows much amiss. / Go, bid the soldiers shoot.”

Go on and play. If you enjoy the quiz, try the Classic First Lines test too.

My scores:

7/10 on last lines.

9/10 on first lines.

Who wants to beat those?

7 responses to “Quiz: Famous last lines

  1. 6 out of 10 on last lines; 9 out of 10 on first lines. You’d think I’d have done better on the last lines, since I like to read them first!

  2. 5 of 10 on last lines, 8 of 10 on first ones. I finished 3rd in my sole Jeopardy appearance, too.

  3. Okay, I’m going to be honest. I got 1, ONE right in last lines. Can you guess which book that was?

    I got 7 out of 10 on first lines.

  4. I think I need to read it again. Obviously it has stuck with me for all these years so it must have had more of an impact on me than just my deep loathing of the Joad family. *shakes fist in air* Damn you Joads!

  5. Okay, 10/10 on first lines, but really, 4 of them were so obvious they should not have been included. Of the others, some I was able to work out with logic and elimination and luck, and the rest were just luck alone. Now I’ll go and do the Last Lines, but already I admit I don’t know the ‘take up the bodies’ line. (I’m guessing Steinbeck is involved in one answer….)

  6. last lines — Sorry, I’m not going to reveal this one, even allowing for the contest having skipped over 1 question and declaring it wrong without actually displaying it first.

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