Here, have a door


I’m deep, deep, deep into Editmania 2013. So to hold your interest until I can spare a portion of my brain for coherent blogging, here’s a photo of a door.

Okay, this is a door from the city of Lucca in Italy. I wish I could say I’m posting it here as a metaphor for my writing process, or as a prompt to start you writing flash fiction. (What lies behind it? Tell me in 250 words.)

But actually, I snapped this photo because I truly was intrigued by what might lie behind the door. The city walls are 500 years old. This door is who knows how ancient?

I also snapped it because damn, look at it. Those colors. That wood. The ironwork. It’s cool and beautiful, and I’ll never have a door like it anyplace I’m likely to live. It’s a work of art all on its own.

Now I must stop thinking about this door, or I’ll end up writing a 10-page outline for a novel that opens in the shadowed courtyard that is hidden behind it.

2 responses to “Here, have a door

  1. A beautiful stately door in Lucca; the plot will likely have ancient beginnings. Cam

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