Shadow Tracer reviews: Financial Times, Book Oxygen, Buzz

Now that The Shadow Tracer is out in Britain, a few more reviews have come in:

shadow tracer uk

“Her best book yet… As ever with Gardiner, we are ineluctably drawn into the plight of the heroine, and the orchestration of tension is exceptional.” Barry Forshaw, Financial Times.

“Gardiner writes tough like one of the boys, and Shadow Tracer is a real, stay-up-all-night thriller that should be the success that it deserves. Ten out of Ten.” Mark Timlin, Buzz Magazine.

The Shadow Tracer is an excellent thriller, which shows that high tension and a fast-paced narrative are not the preserve of fighting men and their guns… Sarah is so appealing that even when the dark parts of her past are illuminated, she keeps you reading. I hope we will see more of her… Like all the best thrillers [Gardiner’s] are fun as well as shocking – and moving.” N.J. Cooper, Book Oxygen.

All of which are mighty nice. Now ‘scuse me while I put on some Kool and the Gang and celebrate.

3 responses to “Shadow Tracer reviews: Financial Times, Book Oxygen, Buzz

  1. You’re darn right she writes ripping thrillers, without cozy fires and teacups! Meg O’Death rocks the thriller world!

  2. And finally on sale in Germany today: Die Zeugin (The witness) = Ransom River. Went to my favourite bookstore and got my copy!!

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