What’s on my e-reader

The London newspaper Metro asked me what’s on my e-reader.

The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Like all Michael Connelly’s novels, this is smooth, surprising and devious. Defence attorney Mickey Haller — the Lincoln Lawyer — switches sides to prosecute a notorious killer. But who’s being set up for a fall? Suspense from a master of crime fiction.

Find out what else I have on my iPad…

Meg Gardiner: On my e-reader.

6 responses to “What’s on my e-reader

  1. the newest Mickey Haller book is pretty good, I think the best so far actually.  Meg are you working on any new books?  I’m dying for a new Jo or Delaney book.  Even your stand alones are pretty awesome too, I’d even be happy with one of those as well.  Just want something to look forward too since I’ve already read ALL of your books lol.

    Sincerely,   Bev Farley

  2. I watched a documentary on Salinger that is currently on Netflix. I have watched a lot of author docs and have come to the conclusion that most male authors are seriously messed up. A few women too. What’s wrong with you Meg? You can tell me. It’s just me and you. What weird skeleton do you have in your closet?

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