The Shadow Tracer: Mail on Sunday review

The Mail on Sunday reviews The Shadow Tracer. Here’s where I go, “Yeah, baby!”

shadow tracer uk

“[Gardiner] writes about her native America with the verve that saw her win an Edgar award for her first thriller. This 11th novel maintains her exceptional standard.

With villains truly worthy of the name, it rushes at a heart-stopping pace to tell the story of Sarah Keller, a woman who traces people who do not want to be found, while having every reason to hide herself — because she has escaped from a drug-dealing religious group who want her, and her daughter Zoe, back with them at once.

There are traces of Thelma And Louise in the chase across Texas with the police, FBI and the cult in hot pursuit as Keller tries to disappear in plain sight, no easy task with a small daughter in tow.

Relentless action and suspense abound, all told in a studiedly cool style. It never lets up.”

Excuse me while I dance around the room like Austin Powers.

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