The War of the Squirrels, Part III

Writing can be solitary. I sit alone in a quiet room, staring into space, thinking up mayhem. So, when a loud crack reverberates close by, it can creep me out. As happened yesterday.

Being a writer, I immediately did the only logical thing: I wrote about it. First on Instant Message:


Thank you for laughing at me, Snart. Thank you so very much.

squirrel 2

Then I took the terror to Twitter.

Fiery squirrels. If that isn’t material for a thriller, I don’t know what is. Quick, to the writermobile!

As for earlier squirrel skirmishes, here’s more information on War of the Squirrels, Part I, and the samurai sword. Part II involved traps and a sledgehammer, and remains a painful memory. I won’t tell you who won.

2 responses to “The War of the Squirrels, Part III

  1. Sigh. My life is so dull.

    Unless you count the water in my basement this morning.

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