Varmint update

A few weeks ago I wrote about the crazed squirrels that were throwing themselves against my living room windows. My house is near a park, so wildlife has free rein. Somehow, however, I managed to forget this fact. Leading to this weekend’s events.

Saturday, the Husband found a snake stuck to a piece of packing tape in the garage. Yes, a snake. A small, brown, banded snake. We stared at it. I looked up “Snake stuck to tape.” After reading through several online snake care forums, I put on long sleeves, and gloves, and hiking boots, and got the vegetable oil and Q-tips.

Then the Husband said: “What if it’s a cottonmouth viper?”

Calling Animal Control didn’t help. Looking at photos of cottonmouths only convinced me that trying to unstick it using vegetable oil and Q-tips was probably going to be a very stupid thing to do.

Alas, when I went back to the garage, the snake was a goner. (Moment of silence for the snake.) We thought our latest outbreak of animal frenzy was over.

Sunday we found what the snake was after: the bird’s nest in the Husband’s amplifier.

When we opened the door we found birds flying wildly around the garage. Paul found TWO nests that resembled crazy twig sculptures. It was like Hitchcock and True Detective combined.

And you wonder why my novels feature aggressive ferrets, frantic Chihuahuas, and devious monkeys?

Tomorrow maybe we’ll shut the garage door.

4 responses to “Varmint update

  1. Yikes! However, I am jealous that it is warm enough where you are for snakes to venture out.

  2. Shut the garage door all you like. If they want in, they’ll get in.

  3. Today, a couple of hawks tried to pry the top off the chimney. I’m doomed.

  4. Yes, watching nature can be a lot of fun but sometimes disconcerting. I have two feeders up and protected from squirrels. I love all the various birds that drop in for a snack. I also have hawks that drop in to snack on the Morning Doves. Talk about a food chain. I’d prefer the hawks eat the high priced feed but ….

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