Can you control your inner pedant?

Here’s a grammar test. But it’s not just about knowing the rules, it’s about whether you can stop yourself from wagging your finger and correcting others. Give it a try.

Can You Control Your Inner Pedant?

I scored 49%. At first, I didn’t mind letting casual grammar and misspellings slip through. But the longer the test went on, the more I felt the urge to correct the sentences onscreen.

Now I’m going to lie down and put a cool cloth over my eyes.

6 responses to “Can you control your inner pedant?

  1. The best part? “Bearly controlled seething ball of anger!”

    Pithy humor amuses me. “Bearly.”

  2. I scored a 3%…no patience for poor grammar or spelling or punctuation! Bah!

  3. I scored a 11% — higher than I expected, but I was OK with some errors if they were spoken, and not written.

  4. susan (tactical commander, GGU)

    I seem to have no patience whatsoever. I tried three times to get the test to start working. And everyone knows clicking “start the test” over and over again will eventually produce results. Probably just as well that it never actually worked for me.

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