Phantom Instinct: Booklist review

Here’s Booklist on Phantom Instinct:

“A year ago, Harper Flynn’s boyfriend was murdered when gunmen stormed the nightclub where she worked, and she has been struggling with survivor’s guilt and lingering questions. The LAPD investigation concluded that the two gunmen found dead in the club acted alone, Phantom_Instinctbut Harper saw three shooters. When she spots someone stalking her, Harper is convinced the third shooter is back. She hopes that Aiden Garrison, an LAPD detective who survived the club attack and also spotted a third gunman, will help her
cause with police. But Aiden sustained a head injury in the attack that resulted in a rare disorder characterized by paranoia and hallucinations, resulting in the loss of all his credibility with the police. When Harper and Aiden compare notes, Aiden’s description of the third gunman’s tattoo brings Harper’s worst nightmare to life. The nightclub shooter is a demon from her past, bent on revenge, and Aiden is theonly person willing to help her face him. Harper and Aiden’s alliance is full of heady chemistry, but a layer of mutual distrust lends a suspense-building unpredictability that thriller fans will love.”

And now I once again run through the house head-banging like Jennifer Lawrence. Which, if you haven’t seen American Hustle, looks like this:


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