Phantom Instinct: the book jacket


Before one of my books is published, my editor sends me a mockup of the entire book jacket. I love seeing these. A book jacket is like a movie poster: it gives readers a sense of the book, and (one hopes) intrigues them into reading. And, as much as I read online and on my iPad and Kindle, I still love holding a printed book in my hand. A beautiful cover makes a book even more precious in my eyes.

This one is exceptionally valuable to me because three of my favorite authors have provided quotes for the cover:

“Meg Gardiner is a gifted writer, and every page of Phantom Instinct shows it. It’s fast-paced, sharp, and unforgettable.” –Don Winslow

“Meg Gardiner is one of my favorite authors. She always delivers a terrific read. Phantom Instinct should go to the top of your ‘to-be-read’ pile.” –Karin Slaughter

“Characters as real as your friends, and a plot as real as your nightmares.” –Lee Child

Talk about generous. I’m beyond honored.

Another reason my editor sends a mockup of the cover is so that I can proofread it. I don’t know if you can spot it, but there’s an error in my biography. It’ll be fixed.

One response to “Phantom Instinct: the book jacket

  1. susan (tactical commander, GGU)

    “She divides her time between Austin, Texas, and London.”
    Must keep you busy, moving back and forth between those three places.

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